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Forgotten Memories

Close your eyes and step up into a attic,In the far corner you see a box with items stacked upon it,You work your way to it and clear away years of rubble stacked on top ,
you run your hands over the aged wooden box and you can tell it was once painted in bright colors that are now faded with age,the box placed there by loving hands so long ago for safe keeping has long been forgotten.
you lift the lid slowly to look inside, a handmade rag doll with button eyes and red yarn hair lies waiting for a child long since grown,you lift the doll out and start to look through the well loved toys , that fill the box,You can tell each toy has been hand made with love and care,
from the cloth and yarn dolls to the wooden blocks and train,This Box contains memories of a childhood filled with laughter and joy,and you can almost see a child as they smile while playing with the toys....

With the collection of patterns you will find here I hope you can make your own memories and laughter, that will one day be found as a treasure.
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